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With over thirty years of experience, Surry Gardens is highly qualified to design and install all phases of the landscape. We offer to the consumer a complete range of services from planning to total installation. Surry Gardens has designed and installed naturalistic landscapes, contemporary plantings, and classical gardens. By carefully choosing from a wide variety of shrubs, trees, perennials, groundcovers, and hardscape materials, our designers are able to create attractive, livable gardens compatible with the needs of the individual client. Our landscapes encompass public, private, and commercial properties within a one hundred mile radius of our location in Surry.

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We highly suggest starting landscape projects with a detailed plan. After consultation with our designers you are provided an overall plan for the site which includes such features as stone walls, walks, drive and parking areas, lawns, pools, perennial beds, shrubs, trees and groundcovers. This blueprinted plan not only serves as a permanent record of your property's landscape but also as a base for future work, as a tool for accurately estimating costs, and as a guide for our installation crews.

We also offer consultation and site planning from your earliest involvement with the property. By selective pruning and thinning of wooded areas, our installation experts can enhance views and protect the health of existing natural plant material. With early planning, existing key features, such as specimen trees and interesting land forms, can be preserved, blending structures and landscape into a flowing design.

We would be happy to send you a copy of our landscaping brochure; simply send us an email requesting it. If you live in the downeast Maine area, we would be pleased to show you photographs of many of our landscape installations. References from clients living in your area and/or with similar types of landscape installations are available upon request. We can also arrange to visit some sites with you.

We look forward to working with you on your future landscape projects!

Please do not hesitate to call us for help with your landscape needs. Our telephone numbers are (207) 667-4493 and (207) 667-5589 and our FAX is (207) 667-5532.

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